These calculators can be used to generate angular and angle velocity data for a spin level.

The radius is calculated as 2level × 2.72×10-24m.

Level 0 is the axial spin, 1 is the first X spin, 2 is a Y spin, etc.

The velocity is set to the speed of light, 3×108m/s.

Therefore, the angular velocity is m/s and the angle velocity is radians/s.

The definition of Angular Velocity used by these calculators may not be what you are used to. It is a distance over a time where that distance is curved. Not an angle over time as is commonly used. For more information please read Angular Velocity and Angular Momentum by Miles Mathis. To understand the transforms used to convert angular velocity into an angle velocity, please read my Spin Velocity paper.

The calculators on this page rovolve around a single equation. That equation is rearranged in terms of the variables in it and there is a section per version of the equation. Each section contains a series of graphs that each vary one of the other variables in the equation.

Calculate the angular velocity given the spin level.

r = 2.72×10-24 × 2l
ω = √[2r√[v2+r2]-2r2]

Graph of omega vs level
r = 2.72×10-24 × 2l, ω = √[2r√[v2+r2]-2r2]
Spin Level Angular Velocity with changing level

Calculate the angle velocity given the spin level.

r = 2.72×10-24 × 2l
θ = πg√[2r√[v2+r2]-2r2]/πkr

Graph of angle vs level
r = 2.72×10-24 × 2l, θ = πg√[2r√[v2+r2]-2r2]/πkr
Spin Level Angle Velocity with changing level