These calculators can be used to generate data using radius and gravity.

Solo gravity is the part of what we now call gravity that is based solely on the radius. The other part of gravity is the charge field which works against solo gravity and is based on density.

For more information you can read read this paper by Miles Mathis.

The calculators on this page rovolve around a single equation. That equation is rearranged in terms of the variables in it and there is a section per version of the equation. Each section contains a series of graphs that each vary one of the other variables in the equation.

Calculate the gravity given the radius.

g = Esr/Er

Graph of gravity vs radius
g = Esr/Er
Gravity with changing radius

Calculate the radius given the gravity.

r = gEr/Eg

Graph of radius vs gravity
r = gEr/Eg
Radius with changing gravity